The Murge



THE MURGE is pure, stripped down, no bullshit, live improvised comedy. It’s absurdly honest, stupidly beautiful, and offensively offensive. It represents a departure from traditional improv in that there are no forms to create structure and no walk-ons, tags or sweeps to protect scenes from failure. There are no rules and there is nowhere to hide. The performers have no choice but to play fully committed and at high risk in order to satisfy the audience – which makes the pieces vulnerable, visceral and exhilarating.


Every 2nd Sunday of the month, 9:30pm at The Clubhouse (1607 North Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027)



Beginning in January 2015, The Murge was performed twice-monthly at the Clubhouse as part of Catsby. It now happens once a month as part of Catsby and at various venues around Los Angeles. The show is a live-directed and largely improvised attempt to entertain in ever new direct and sincere ways. As an experiment in form, the ensemble seeks discovery in the rawness of their humor and in confrontation with an audience that leaves the performer exposed.


"Spontaneous Theater of the absurd...Lascivious, blasphemous and potentially dangerous...This could be LA’s craziest improv show." ~ L.A. WEEKLY
"…a comedy that is so far past stupid that it becomes nonsensically compelling." ~FLAUNT