Amrita Dhaliwal is an actress. She currently lives in Los Angeles and can be seen performing regularly on a myriad of stages - TV&Film, improvisation and clown. 

How do I pronounce that, you ask? 

UHM-ri-thuh DAH-lee-wal

Amrita was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago by wonderfully traditional parents, who immigrated from Punjab, India. Her family spent a few years in Dallas, Texas, where Amrita fell in love with big hair. Of course Mom & Dad tried to instill strong academic values, so she got a proper education. She knows a LOT about finance. And advertising. And a minor in Spanish. Amrita is a girly girl, an actor and a clown. Really. You may also find it interesting that she is a mono zygote (an identical twin for those of you who aren’t one, or haven’t studied biology). But all these photographs are her... Smarty Pants.

She thanks her 6’5” cousin, Onkaar, for her tall people jokes. Amrita is not on Twitter. She is not on Instagram. She is on Facebook. But do you really care what's on her mind? What she's eating? Or what her feet look like? 

Manager: Matthew Lesher, Insight Entertainment

Commercial: Reign Agency

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