Lady Love

Lady Love has traveled the world with the sole mission to find love for all.  Dating online?  Forgo your monthly fee and come see Lady Love.  Join her and walk away with a fuller understanding of love.  Divorcees, hopeless romantics, ice cream pint eaters, widows, etc welcome.

Amrita Dhaliwal_Lady Love.jpg

Lady Love is a solo character performed by Amrita Dhaliwal.  The show uses audience interaction to take them on a journey of the types of love in this world and how to possibly have love in your own life.  Lady Love is at times poetic, at times comical, but always personal. 

More history
Lady Love was created in 2011 through work with Dal Vivo Theatre Company.  Dal Vivo Theatre was founded by students of Paola Coletto’s workshops in clown, mask, and physical theater. These workshops emphasize performance as the achievement of a state of play in which the performer’s consciousness is suspended between the adult and the make-believe, the productive and the pretend. The end-product is a presentation of the authentically human experience.